Dawn Song

Dawn Song
by Julie Sumner

In the awakening
before waking,
when the light
is only
an approaching echo
and the kingbird
begins his whistling
song to greet the dawn,
your thoughts are,
for a moment,
your own–
chirruping and tweeing
through your mind,
unsilenced yet
by broad daylight
with its
stalking expectations.

Prayer for the Week of August 19

Unfathomable God,
Your wisdom to us is nonsense
On most occasions–
We do not have your view
Of infinity,
We do not have your view
Of ourselves as you see us
Through the lens of your Son.
We rejoice that your wisdom
Is to choose those who are
Foolish, weak, and base,
Because that is all of us.
Help us to trust
Your foolish wisdom
In Jesus’ name,

A Dozen Eggs

A Dozen Eggs
by Julie Sumner

The neighbor’s eggs were lined up two by two,
Familiar ovals in a styrofoam ark,
Their shells a shaded gradient
Of all of our skin–
From coffee to cream and back again,
Their shells’ cool smoothness both fragile and hard–
Apt disguises
For such tender orange hearts.