What I Notice

What I Notice
by Julie Sumner

What I notice above the whine of deals
Spilling from his gyrating lips
Is that the double-dealing used car salesman
Has perfect double-jointed thumbs.

What I notice beneath the evening din
Of grocery shoppers bound for home
Is the faint echo of a needle-like scar
Beneath the dove tattoo on the cashier’s arm.

What I notice beyond the obvious
I cannot help–
I trained my eyes to look–
But if it’s true what poets say,
That attention’s near enough to love,
May my noticing lead to prayers
That the overlooked things understand
They too are loved.

Book Marks

Book Marks
by Julie Sumner

One Mr. George W. Cobb
signed his name
in looping script–
ruled-line straight–
in respectful pencil
across the inside front cover
of Gilbert K. Chesterton’s
St. Francis of Assisi
and after reading
the life of this saint
who was so enamored
of his Lord’s creatures,
Mr. Cobb–again in pencil–
wrote on the inside back cover
taking his field notes
from St. Francis’s birds.

Author’s Note: For those unfamiliar with the winsome accounts of St. Francis, one of his most notable episodes was his sermon given to a flock of birds.