Prayer for the Week of August 19

Unfathomable God,
Your wisdom to us is nonsense
On most occasions–
We do not have your view
Of infinity,
We do not have your view
Of ourselves as you see us
Through the lens of your Son.
We rejoice that your wisdom
Is to choose those who are
Foolish, weak, and base,
Because that is all of us.
Help us to trust
Your foolish wisdom
In Jesus’ name,


Holy Spirit,
We confess that we have held grudges,
Judgements, hardness in our hearts.
We have forgotten that we are all
Members of one another.
Help us to live with an acute sense
Of how you have forgiven us,
That we may offer the same
To those around us,
In Jesus’ name,

Help Us to See

Father of Heavenly Lights,
Have mercy on our finite sight
And mincing understanding.
We are such small creatures
And you are so incomprehensible,
Give us a glimpse of yourself
In our flash-forward world,
Your economy is so wild–
Show us some fleeting vision
Of what you value,
That we don’t grow
That we see you,
In your infinite mercy,
Are using us when we
Are least aware of it,
And that itself is grace.

Prayer for Forgetful People

Holy Spirit,
We confess
That we prefer to find
Any possible way
To meet our needs
Other than seeking you.
We forget your presence,
We forget your past faithfulness,
We forget your intercession for us.
Help us to remember
That nothing can separate us
From the love of God in Jesus,
Nothing that we can do or say or think,
Will prevent this love
From embracing our neediness.
Help us to remember to pray
For your presence in our lives,
And especially in the lives
Of those suffering
Throughout the world.