It’s About Time

Hi Friends,
Happy New Year! This week’s poem is an example of free verse, which happens to be my preference for writing in many situations. Free verse has no specific rhyme scheme, and the rhythm of the lines mirrors the cadence of everyday speech. According to poet Edward Hirsch in The Poet’s Glossary, it’s a “poetry of organic rhythms, of deliberate irregularity, improvisatory delight.” Hirsch goes on to note that it is written in a certain format to appear visually different from prose, and according to poet Jorge Luis Borges, inform the reader that what is about to be read “‘is not information or reasoning, but emotion.’”

This poem is about time and what we do with it, which I think about a lot as the New Year rolls forward.

It’s About Time
by Julie Sumner

We speak of time as if it’s a thing we own–
Something to be kept, spared, borrowed,
Moments like dollar bills to be wasted or stolen.

We forget over time–
Clocks everywhere counting down unnoticed–
That time is immemorial as stone and
We are the ones living life on loan.

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