Tanka for a Warm Christmas

Hi Friends,
Today’s poetry nerd term is Tanka, which is a form of Japanese poetry. It precedes the more familiar haiku and is very similar in construction. The poem itself consists of 31 syllables, and in English is translated into a 5 line poem. There are 5 syllables in the first and third lines, and 7 in the second, fourth, and fifth lines. It is very similar to the sonnet in that there is usually a turn, or expansion of the subject matter between lines 3 and 4. But enough of the formality….here’s a poem about a warm Christmas.

Tanka for a Warm Christmas
by Julie Sumner

Firewood now half-off,
Lenten roses choose Advent,
Bring amethyst blooms,
Honor Christ’s birth–He who’s no
Respecter of the weather.

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