Updated: Apr 5, 2019

For the cherry blossom tourist season in my home, Washington, D.C.

Pink-toned blossoms can arrest

Clicking heels on sidewalk gray.

Season open: springtime’s best.

Meetings, deadlines—always stressed,

Crying child in the way

Pink-toned blossoms can arrest.

Silent growing: daily quest.

Swelling stopped for winds that sway

Season’s open. Spring: time’s best.

Flights, parties, distinguished guest?

Sunshine shrouded, storms, snow day

Pink-toned blossoms can arrest.

Finally free and sky at rest,

Peaceful crowded branches say,

“Season: open. Springtime’s best.”

Generations here attest

Power in petal melee:

Pink-toned blossoms can arrest.

Season, open springtime’s best!

Rebekah Pringle Yamada

© April 11, 2018