What is Left?

And what do I see

When time passes swiftly

And runs out of sand

how to penetrate that dark scary forest

And find my way through the briers,

Reaching out to grasp my skin with sharpest of thorns

And the blue blood comes out red,

The tears appear as transparent water,

And you are gone.

What is left?

What is blue but the sky

And eyes

that have known me

And impossibly loved me

Welcomed me as a foreigner

Not one of his

But embraced as a stranger learning a new language,

Colors which I never knew existed,

Shades waiting for names to define them.

The black lace of trees is

Laid out over the backdrop

Of the horizon.

The blue flames are the hottest

That purify the silver.

And still now

What is left?

But the bluest of eyes

That saw my lonely heart

And pulled me under

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